Delivering an exceptional ownership experience is one of our core values, which is why we have developed a straightforward warranty policy to safeguard your interests as a proud owner of a Franklord timepiece.

Unlike conventional battery-powered quartz watches, automatic watches consist of numerous intricate components. The movement of your watch beats at a remarkable three times the rate of your heart, giving each timepiece its unique character and occasional need for servicing. While we cannot guarantee that your watch will never encounter any issues, we assure you that we are fully dedicated to resolving them with utmost care and expertise.

Are you following along so far? 

Duration: Two years
When you acquire a watch from us, we take great care in assembling, packaging, and shipping it from our Mumbai facility. Therefore, we guarantee that your watch is free from any manufacturing defects upon purchase. In the unlikely event that a manufacturing defect arises during the two-year period following the delivery of your watch, we will cover the cost of repair or provide a replacement component.

Exclusions: Straps 
While our leather straps are meticulously crafted with the same attention to detail as our watches, their durability depends on usage and environmental factors. As a result, our warranty does not extend to cover straps.

Please note that the warranty is specific to the original owner and cannot be transferred. If you decide to pass the watch to a family member or transfer ownership to a friend, the warranty will not carry over. Our warranty is tied exclusively to your ownership of the watch.

Repair, not replacement:
It is important to emphasize that our warranty is designed to facilitate repairs rather than offer replacements. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will make every effort to restore your watch to perfect working condition through our repair services.

No refunds or returns: 
Should your watch require one or more repairs or service interventions due to manufacturing defects during the warranty period, please be aware that our policy does not entitle you to a refund or return. We are committed to repairing your watch and ensuring it functions flawlessly, but we do not offer return or refund options.

Unauthorised repairs void the warranty: 
Please note that the warranty of your watch will become void if it is handled by an unauthorized service technician other than Franklord.

Our service centers are small establishments equipped with one or two experienced watchmakers. To maintain high levels of quality and fairness for all customers, we apply a nominal fee for repair inspections. This fee amounts to INR 500 for repairs within India and USD 10 for international repairs.

If our inspection determines that the repair is covered under warranty due to a manufacturing defect, we will waive the inspection fee. However, if the repair falls outside the warranty terms, we will invoice you for the inspection fee, additional component costs, and repair charges.

We understand that accidents happen, and despite your best efforts, your watch may sustain damage. Whether it's an accidental drop, a brush against a door handle, or any other mishap, we are here to assist you. However, please be aware that such repairs fall under the category of out-of-warranty services and will be subject to charges. Once we assess your watch, we will inform you whether the repair is covered by warranty or provide you with an estimate of the repair fees. We will proceed with the repair only after you approve the charges.

At present, we operate a single service center located in Mumbai. However, we are continually expanding our service network. If you would like information about a service center in your city, please contact us.

If our evaluation determines that your watch needs to be serviced at our service center, you will be responsible for the shipping cost to send the watch to us. However, we will cover the return shipping cost. Please note that we do not arrange pick-ups; you are required to ship the watch to the closest service center as per our guidance.

Due to our limited service center capacity with one or two skilled watchmakers, the inspection process typically takes one week from the date of receiving your watch, while the repair duration is approximately three weeks. In cases where we need to order components from external manufacturers, repair timelines may be longer.

We are proud to be a small team that values building relationships with our customers. However, please understand that we are unable to provide daily updates on repair and service status. Regrettably, we cannot offer updates through WhatsApp or phone calls. Instead, we will keep you informed via email and text messages when we receive your watch and when it is ready to be returned to you. Furthermore, we will communicate via email if we require your authorization for a repair.

Upon repairing your watch, we provide a 30-day warranty from the date of its return to you. If any recurring problems manifest within this 30-day period, we consider them as part of the original repair job. If issues arise beyond the 30-day window, we will treat them as new repair cases.

To initiate the repair/service process for your watch, please contact us at inf@buyfranklord.com. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Please ensure that you keep a photocopy of the original invoice and warranty card readily available. These documents are essential for identifying the manufacturing batch, and we will be unable to do so without them.

Kindly provide us with as much information as possible. Even seemingly insignificant details such as your wearing frequency, storage practices when the watch is unworn, and how often you wind the watch can greatly assist us in diagnosing any issues. What might appear trivial to you could be instrumental in identifying the underlying cause of the problem with your watch.